Our Work

Knights Express Pizza

Knights Express Pizza & Grill is a fast food restaurant in New Jersey,US, It offers a lot of food varieties to Rutgers University students,We provide them an E-Commerce website (Progressive Web App) that enables their target markets to easily order online without the need to download the App on their phones with an online payment […]

Masr El-Kheir

Misr El Kheir (MEK) is an Egyptian Non-Governmental Organization aims at developing and empowering the Egyptian Communities to reach a favorable level of quality of life through a self-sustainable development model. In order to reach its goals. We work with MEK as a partner, as we provided MEK with an e-commerce website that help donors […]

Creative Closets (MENA)

Creative closets is an International brand as it is located at more than one country, it offers luxury tailor made closets to its clients. We provided Creative Closets with a website that enables the clients to show different closets category products and the information they need to know about the brand, it’s like their online […]

National Center For Translation (NCT)

Reaffirming Egypt’s pioneer role in translation and maintaining her position in relation to the other Arab countries that followed her example and who are entitled to moral and material support from Egypt. Improving the conditions of translation so as to achieve proximity to minimum international rates of translation. We provided NCT with an e-commerce website […]

Heliopolis University

The Heliopolis University Innovation Platform is a funded project by the RDI Programme that aims to bring together key members from industry, academia, SMEs, and policy makers together to focus on the current and future pressing challenges.


Edu-Fun is a pioneer in the field of the manufacture of furniture for all educational needs (schools – Nursuries) in the Middle East. We provided them with an e-commerce website enables them to sell online their edu-fun products; Wooden toys for children that entertain and teach them at the same time and Nursery Equipment & […]

Mona Zakaria

Mona Zaaria is a famous Egyptian architect, we provided her with a user friendly website that enables her to show her projects to clients and share with them her beauty architect designs.


Office for design and architecture. We provided them with a user friendly website that enables their business grow and show up to people. Through the website, they have the ability to share their projects online.


Tumiad is a Turkish-Egyptain Businessmen association. We provided Tumiad with a website that enabled people to register in the association and become members, being updated with the latest news as well as events.

Creative Closets Egypt

We were like a success partner to Creative Closets when they decided to bring their brand in Egypt. We provided Creative Closets with a website that enables them to show their products’ classifications as well as generate leads. The website enables them to run traffic campaigns, create re-targeting campaigns & collect clients’ data.